Related Services

One Fulton Square offers a lot of amenities and services for customers who visit our place and for potential clients who will either rent or buy a portion of our developed area.

Maintenance and Cleanliness

We, at One Fulton Square, aim to provide every service our clients need for our residential condominiums or our professional or medical offices. With our well-crafted facilities, we highly prioritize maintenance and cleanliness and we are expanding our service through our friendly, properly trained and hospitable staffs to ensure superior cleanliness and sanitation. Also, with our completely equipped engineers, we ensure that our facilities are monitored, managed, and maintained, thus giving our clients the enjoyment that they deserve.

Safety and Security

We also believe that living comfortably in a happy environment comes with a safe and secure environment. Thus, we also provide a trained and alert security personnel committed to giving utmost safety and security for having a peaceful and enjoyable stay and holiday in One Fulton Square. We believe that living and staying in our luxurious facilities do not need to compromise the client’s safety and security but giving our clients every second to enjoy their stay with nothing to worry about.


One Fulton Square partnered with Queens’ most respected companies in terms of electric, water supply, and internet connection. With our high standards in our crafts, we believe that this must be partnered with a highly competent supplier to provide utmost convenience and service to our clients.

To provide superior service we, at One Fulton Square, ensure that every need of our clients will be adhered and provided to. Our state-of-the-art facilities and services will be ensured for the sake of convenience and enjoyment of our clients. Intricately sewed and crafted, One Fulton Square is the perfect estate to live and enjoyed in and we believe that everyone deserves a one perfect holiday, thus we are giving special discounts and online shops voucher codes. Hurry, shop online and received some promo codes.