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One Fulton Square, strategically located in Queens New York City, also provides accessibility as it is in the heart of Queens, accessible for every clients’, may they be businessmen or just someone who wants to live their New York City dream. As Queens has crucial importance in International and Inter-State air traffic, convenience in having a flight will not be a problem, as two major airports are located in here, namely, John F. Kennedy International Airport and La Guardia Airport.

Queens’ public transport will also not be a problem to One Fulton Square’s resident or lessor in any means of transport may it be in water transit, subways or public roads, Queens’ New York Water Taxi, New York City Subway or Long Island Rail Road and Brooklyn-Queens Expressway or Van Wyck Expressway as some of its public transportation means. Queens has different bridges and tunnels also that is connected with the other beautiful places in New York City.

As we, at One Fulton Square, want to go along with the modernization and growth of our planets’ ever-changing way of living, we are also strategically located at the second-largest economy in the five boroughs of New York City. Queens’ economy is known to be diverse and spread evenly in the sectors of healthcare, construction, film and television production, retail trade, transportation, and manufacturing.

Queens’ has a lot of stories to tell, as its culture is known to be diverse, may it be Asian or European, one would find different and rich experience in One Fulton Square representing other major culture in the borough. Thus, giving our clients a chance to experience and take a glimpse of some of the world’s rich cultures, having an additional flavor to one’s bucket lists.

Queens’ was also been known in being the center of some major artistic movement. And also with its vast cultural diversity, comes diverse flavor of cuisine that one would try, may it be Indian, Asian or Latin American rich mouth-watering taste.

A Realty Agency in Queens New York, One Fulton Square aims not just to provide accessibility and to not just incorporate technology to our impressing structural designs and quality residential or commercial estates but also to provide a healthy and rich environment with its rich and diverse environment creating a well-organized and well-lived culture. We provided voucher codes and promo codes giving some a one of a kind stay at One Fulton Square.

Our story

We, at One Fulton Square a Realty Agency, are located in the beautiful and most diverse borough in New York City provides state of the art residential and commercial states that will give comfort and convenience to this modern-day trend of Real Estate culture. With our futuristic and high-end commercial building and structures to our comfy and homey residential states, one will have satisfaction and one of a kind stay and renting experience.
As we are proud and looking forward to providing a grandeur and wonderful experience in Estates, we have provided offers and coupons as well as special discounts to some of our clients.

Perfect Environment For You

A great environment goes beyond a peaceful neighbourhood, though One Fulton Square already prioritized this before building the living spaces for our clients. Our residents get the convenience of 24/7 transportation and centralized establishments for all their needs. Hospitals, convenience stores, and malls are one ride away from the area. It’s like having your amazon left hand brace in a city that is made especially for you. During the planning stage, we are thinking about you. From small to consequential details, we have conceived, imagined them carefully, so our clients can have the best of both worlds.

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